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Globalism is Marxism

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 • Gary Fox • Globalism
Globalism is a Marxist conspiracy to create world government...
Globalism is Marxism

It still amazes me to hear the term "globalism" bounced around on the mainstream news as if it's the most commonly used geopolitical term of all time. In reality not even five years ago the term was used only by those kooky "conspiracy theorists" we are told by the sophisticated people to pay no attention to. The term "globalism" was never discussed or debated or commonly used in mainstream politics whatsoever until Donald Trump decided to finally run for office and made it an issue, a big one…a central one. During a major foreign policy speech given in Washington during the campaign he very famously said, "We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism". I remember hearing that and just about coming out of my seat in joy! Finally, someone running for the Presidency had a clue! (Yes, Ron Paul had a clue, but never came near the Republican nomination, the establishment saw to that). Someone was finally "breaking the Matrix" and drilling down on the number one issue which imperils the liberty and prosperity of the American people, globalism! Americans were beginning to have their "red pill moment". Global government is by far the greatest threat to humanity of all time, and suddenly a massive number of people were being jolted awake to the threat!

What is so dangerous about globalism? What is wrong with a global authority which moves nations in the direction of bringing all people together? Why not concentrate global power into lifting the poorest in the world out of poverty, to make sure peace and worldwide stability is maintained? What would be so wrong with a governing body to oversee trade between nations? Wouldn't such an authority be able to solve disputes peacefully rather than to allow such a quarrel between nations to spiral out of control and into armed conflict? Sure, sounds great, doesn't it? But make no mistake, the end result of concentrated power, of course, is never great. The greater the concentration and centralization of power the greater the suffering, poverty, and suppression of the people. This has been the case in every nation where the power of government has been centralized, it's hard to fathom how bad it would get for humanity if global power was centralized.

Globalism is based in Marxist philosophy, it is Marxism on a global scale. It announces the same utopian promises and follows the exact same line of reasoning as how to get there (really smart people guiding society in a fair way). It also has the same demonic lust for power and cruel indifference to the suffering of humanity which quickly ravages as a result.

Globalism (like its evil mother, Marxism) is entirely about controlling wealth and resources for a select, elite few. It has nothing to do with benefiting the masses, nothing at all. Marxists always promote and justify revolution by declaring their selfless love for the masses. Always. Always. Always. Globalists are Marxists and so they also frame their subversive, treasonous actions in the name of justice. Their real intentions are easy to discern simply by looking at where they've taken us. In the name of prosperity, the world…the WORLD…is hopelessly in debt to international banking cartels. In the name of peace, the world is more chaotic, unstable and treacherous than ever in history. In the name of equality, wealth is horded by a super-ultra-elite class in amounts so huge the mind can't even comprehend it. In the name of tolerance, western culture is being dismantled. Globalists are not working to create a better society for the masses of humanity, globalists are working to crush the structures which allow for human freedom to create prosperity. Globalists can't control a free, prosperous and peaceful world so the structures which undergird such things must come down first. And so, for just over 100 years now,there has been a nonstop effort to usher in a "New World Order" where international law is supreme and state sovereignty becomes increasingly meaningless. Globalists have shown no ambition to serve, only to rule. Ruling is the ambition of every Marxist.

The Bible of course foretold this so it should be no surprise for the Biblical Christian to see that global governance has begun to take shape. The structures standing in the way of the Antichrist are being torn down all while the arrangements and systems he will need to rule over a one world government are being erected. This is what the UN, EU, NATO, OPEC and the TPP are about. They are significant steps in the direction of world government. Can you imagine trying to corral nearly 200 independent, nationalistic, patriotic nation-states into one totalitarian centralized system? It would be impossible, and it has been impossible since Babel. It just can't be done with so much ethnic, economic, religious and political diversity. It can't be done unless those nations lay down their nationalism, unless they open up their borders, unless they get into massive foreign debt, unless they become regionally aligned. The idea is to get Europe to consolidate and intertwine, and Asia, and North America, and South America and Africa. Now, instead of 193 independent nations to coordinate, all there really is to deal with are 5 or maybe 6 regions. Obviously 5 or 6 regions will be far more manageable for the Antichrist to dominate over than 193 independent, sovereign nations.

There are only two world leaders defying the globalist conspiracy…President Trump and President Putin. Now, let's not get carried away…I'm not suggesting that I admire or support Putin, far from it. He's an old world strong man, a throwback to another time for sure and I'd never want to live under his fascist authority. But, none the less, he's a Russian nationalist and while he'd certainly like to get along with the other nations of the world, he's not at all willing to surrender Russian sovereignty to globalist control. And President Trump is an American nationalist with similar resistance to globalism and so it should be no surprise that globalists in the media and establishment politics, along with shadow government elements within the Deep State, are so ardently targeting and vilifying them both. Remember, the Antichrist will end up going to war with the Russians one day because apparently the Russians will be the last power standing in his way…and he will defeat them. There is no clear mention of the United States in end times Bible prophecy and so that would indicate to me the United States will not be a significant player on the world stage when that time comes, that's a hard thing to even imagine (more on that in future articles).

Globalism is Marxism, it is totalitarian, it is antihuman, it is an elitist conspiracy to control the resources of the planet for the benefit of only select few. It is also the movement which will pave the way for the rise of the Antichrist. We have every reason to resist it. We have every reason to reject international law, courts, governments and trade regulation…all of that stuff undermines our national sovereignty. We have every reason to support President Trump any time he speaks against this wicked movement and any time he takes steps to untangle our nation from it.

Scriptures: Revelation 13:1-18

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