Learn About Christ Is King Ministries

Most people do not worship Jesus Christ. Even many Christians lack the profound sense of awe and wonder in the Gospel needed to experience the deeply-rooted life of praise God is so worthy of. As a result, lesser things are adored, and the joyful life God desires for His people is sacrificed. This is a colossal tragedy.

Christ Is King Ministries is on a mission to change that.

We aim to help people understand the radical and profound implications that Christ is KING. His rule and authority expands everywhere and into everything, no sphere of reality stands outside of His purview. He speaks to politics, economics, world religions, cultures, sexuality, education, war, race, gender…on and on…God speaks to it all because Christ is KING. But Christ does not simply speak about these things, He is active in all that He ordains. Nothing, therefore, is ever out of control (no matter how things may feel as we experience them).

You were created to experience more than the humdrum and stress of worldly living. You were created to know, adore and proclaim the majesty of God! The deepest longings of the human heart can only be fulfilled in that pursuit, any other is vanity and striving after wind (meaningless).

We exist to proclaim the preeminence of Jesus Christ and passionately announces His soon Second Coming!

Christ Is King Ministries was founded by evangelist and apologist Gary Fox in 2015 and falls within the rich tradition of historic evangelicalism.  There are a few doctrinal distinctives Christ Is King Ministries contends for (but will not part fellowship with other Christians over) which are worth noting and can be reviewed here.